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$99 Per Person

CE Credits: CE credits are NOT included in the price; however, 6 CE credits can be purchased for an additional $35.00.

During the workshop, we will be photographing and video recording the facilitators of the workshop.

The bad behavior being played out on social media, reality TV, even within our family, can appear as proof that our own disrespectful, dishonorable, hurtful behavior is an acceptable way of dealing with pain.


If your thinking is everyone feels the same as I, do what I do or say what I say, your viewpoint of your behavior is it is not hurtful or dysfunctional. Oftentimes, the people around you will reflect back your behavior, life experiences, beliefs, and your world view.


When you live in chaos, it becomes your norm. When you view your bad behavior as normal & acceptable behavior, you will perpetuate this behavior onto your children, friends, co-workers, loved ones and any conversation about your bad behavior being inappropriate or wrong will be quickly rejected or rationalized because you truly cannot see what you are doing or how hurtful you are being. “Hurt People Hurt People.”

When your emotional wounds are being left unhealed, when you say “that happened so long ago; thereby it cannot possibly have anything to do with my present life," you continue the pattern of hurt, abuse, and emotional wounding.

Living in chaos becomes normal and therefore yelling, screaming, cussing people out appear as acceptable ways of expressing your hurt, disappointment, anger, or frustration. Judgement and negative statements are your “best friends”. Angry words are being spoken that you were not allowed or able to speak as children and you begin to act out.


Expecting your relationships to define you so that you can be your best self, leaves you thinking the people around you must love you and should behave according to a certain script. You feel justified in your reactions when they do not show up and perform or behave according to their respective role: mothers should be loving & supportive: fathers should be protectors & providers: fill in the blank - a husband should be________, children should be ________, a wife should be _______, etc, etc.


When you put people in these boxes it allows you to blame others for your short comings and continue the negative narrative you are experiencing. This removes your responsibility to Live Your Best Life.


To be able to Live Your Best Life, you have to start with awareness. Awareness allows you to heal. Awareness brings revelations. If you’re unwilling to reveal what ails you, then you cannot heal what ails you.

In Living Your Best Life workshop, you will discover:
Your resentment story
How trauma has impacted your life
How to deal with your grief & loss
Relationship issues
Forgiveness & healing

Clayton State University
Athletics Center
2000 Clayton State Blvd. Morrow, GA 30260

Saturday, October 5, 2019
8:30am Check-in
Class from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

What expectations or unresolved issues are you dealing with…


What unresolved pain or guilt are you walking with as your daily companion...


Are you waking up with this feeling of unhappiness, a constant feeling of blah…


Sometimes the guilt & shame about your life choices can prevent you from living your best life.


The abuse you experienced as a child, your abandonment issues, your fear of rejection will show up on your dates, when you are socializing with friends and/or family and prevent you from Living Your Best Life.


Are you ready to change & release the anger, the pain, the hurt, the humiliation?


When you hold the people around you responsible for what you did not have, asking & demanding them to show up & fill the void that was created by your life experiences, you continue the narrative of not being good enough, being unlovable, being unworthy, not worth it, broken and needing to be fixed.


Attending our workshop will help you begin to Live Your Best Life by providing you with the necessary tools and knowledge to move forward. Now is the time to love & treat yourself like someone you care about.


Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, angry outbursts are all indicators that you are dealing with emotional wounds. When you can recognize your life has been a struggle and you are ready for peace, love, joy, harmony join us on March 30, 2019, from 9:00am to 5:00pm as we show you how to Live Your Best Life.


No one is exempted from pain in this life but suffering is a choice…

Success doesn’t always make everything better, sometimes it can make your life worse. It can lead to a feeling of being completely out of control, powerless, and not knowing what to do. You are struggling to keep yourself sane, hiding from the people around you the pain you are feeling & realize the money did not take away your emotional wounds.


More money doesn’t necessarily allow you to function at your best. It allows you to deny your struggle because the wealth & financial success become a false indicator that you are “all right”. The people around you will celebrate your accomplishments, praise your gifts and talents and not know that on the inside you are suffering, you feel like a fraud, failure, empty, hiding that all is not well with you.

It takes courage to live this life!


You are ready to take steps towards Living Your Best Life!


As a result of taking this highly interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • About trauma and the correlation between anger, hurt feelings, pain and forgiveness

  • The different types of grief and how to cope with grief and loss

  • To define and identify “unresolved" issues and learn the impact that "unresolved" issues have on your mental wellness

  • Practical skills and tools and leave with a clear understanding of how to apply them


You are in charge of your emotions and get to choose whether to hold onto painful feelings which disempower you.


It’s time to stop holding on to what no longer serves you, reclaim your life, move from pain to peace to LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.

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